Profiskipper Robert schreibt über unsere gemeinsame Passage von den Bahamas via Bermudas zu den Azoren

I first met VENGA in Lanzorote as she drifted slowly into the harbour. Very curious about the style of rig cause an immediate interest. Watching her dock I figured out she was heavy most likely steel. Meeting her owners showed how VENGA was created and her long term plans. Talk about the possibility to hire a delivery skipper presented the chance to sail her from the Bahamas to the Azores.

The crew greeted me at the Marsh Harbour Airport like long time friends and it felt really good. We had a gentle passage to Bermuda which helped me get to know VENGA better for the next leg. Although the passage from Bermuda to the Azores is known to be possible very rough and difficult. We waited in Bermuda for a good window to depart. The passage was great with fair winds, great food and good company. I like talking with Daniel because of his vast knowledge of marine equipment. Eve taught me how to bake her Italian bread which I am going to use over and over. Piet was like having a little brother to play with. Arrival in the Azores was without any issues to the crew or the boat. Always what I aim for.

VENGA and her crew were great. Departing was the low point of the trip. I really hope we meet again. Fair winds and calm seas. Keep our Oceans blue.

Robert McConnell                                                                                              YachtMaster